It’s mid April and the taxman wants his cut of the yearly profit. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks sorting through bank statements and tax documents. The end of the tax year is always stressful for those of us who choose the self employed path. One good thing about mid April is that Elm Fest is right around the corner. This will be the seventh annual Elm Fest, hosted by Oliver Pecker and Elm Street Tattoo. The Tattoo Convention will take place May 17- 19 at Trees Music Venue, 2709 Elm St.  Some of the best tattoo artists from around the globe will assemble in Dallas for the weekend to celebrate the art of tattooing and enjoy live music at its best. 

This years Elm Fest will kick off Thursday May 16, with a special art show at Tiki Loco in Deep Ellum. The show will feature original artworks by Cheyenne Sawyer, Greg Christian, Katja Rmeriz, Tim Beck, Carl Hallowell, Marina Inoue, and Jordan Teeare. These are just a handful of the artists who will be at the tattoo convention, they are a great representation of the amazing talent that will be in town for the weekend.

The tattooing will take place May 17-19 at Trees Music Venue on Elm St. There will be over 20 of the top tattoo artists from all over the world tattooing by appointment and walk up. If you are planning on getting tattooed, I would recommend going to for a list of artists to book an appointment in advance.

The 2019 band lineup is not to be missed. Lucero will be headlining both Friday and Saturday night at Club DaDa. Friday night they will be performing their entire first album “Lucero” Saturday they will be playing their entire second album “Tennessee“.

This will be a special treat for any fan of the band and any newcomers alike. Lucero is a Memphis band with lot of soul. They also blend equal parts of country and Rock & Roll mixed with an amazing stage presence and energy.

Another soulful Southern man that will grace the stage is John Moreland, a singer songwriter from Tulsa. John is a masterful guitarist with a smooth and powerful voice. He usually plays solo acoustic giving the performance an Americana Folk sound, however he his newest album “Big Bad Luv” features a full band.

I’m surprised when speaking with friends and clientele at how many people have never experienced a proper tattoo convention. These days tattoo conventions are a dime a dozen, however there aren’t a whole lot of great ones. In Texas there are really only three. Most conventions are put on by greedy corporate interests trying to make a buck off of the tattoo industry. You see billboards of these touring tattoo shows in every major city.

Elm Fest is put on every year by Oliver Peck, who, despite his stardom, has maintained a true love for the tattoo world. Every year he invites a small number of world class tattoo artists to Dallas. If you’ve never experienced a true tattoo convention, do yourself a favor and come out to Deep Ellum the weekend of May 17 and take in the sights and sounds of Elm Fest. Pick up a new piece of artwork for the house, or better yet, a new tattoo, and afterwords, check out some live music at Club DaDa and Three Links.

Don’t forget to bring some extra scratch for merch. If you do plan on getting tattooed, contact artists ahead of time to book an appointment. Day and weekend passes are available. I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones. I hope to see you all there!

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