About 3 years ago, Oliver Peck and Dean Williams asked me, and several of my coworkers at Elm Street Tattoo, if we would be interested in working at a private, appointment only, Tattoo studio. A lot of the artists at the street shop were beginning to get heavily booked with appointments, and it was making it more and more difficult to take care of the steady walk in traffic of Elm Street.

I had been working in the street shop environment since my start in 2004, as an apprentice at Liberty Electric Tattoo, working for Carl Hallowell. By 2015 I had spent a little over a decade in street shops. Not as long as some, but much longer than others in the business. I was ready for a break from the late nights and wild clientele. I’ve always loved the energy of a street shop, but as I’ve started doing larger work by appointment, I’ve come to really appreciate the private studio setting.

The new shop has 3 private tattoo spaces and a gallery/merch shop in the lobby, where I have T shirts and framed artwork available for purchase, along with many other talented artists.

All tattoo work is done by appointment only. It takes a patient and dedicated client to complete large scale work , and we are fortunate to have many dedicated clientele. Heart in Hand Gallery has been open for business since Oct. 2016. You can find us just a couple blocks west of the street shop.

Heart in Hand Gallery
2614 Elm Street  suite 120
Dallas, Tx 75226

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